Christmasworld Trends 2020/21

How can retailers impress their customers, if emotions, the experience and convenience are the main requirements when shopping? First and foremost, with new products and displays that reflect the current zeitgeist. The motto for the Christmasworld trends in 2020/21 is 'family matters': In a world that is becoming more complex, family, community and real human encounters are what matter.  For the international decorative trade, this year's trends open up a myriad of design possibilities for putting new product ranges together that will surprise the customers time and again throughout the year.

Product pictures Christmasworld Trends
Product pictures Christmasworld Trends
Product pictures Christmasworld Trends

At the present time, a responsible 'we' feeling and the desire for a more careful and environmentally-aware way of living is growing. "We’ll be presenting three style worlds and we’ll be interpreting each of them in two different ways. In addition to Christmas decorations, there’s a further variant – for example, for wedding, birthday, spring or autumn decorations – which is also clearly different in terms of the colours used", says designer Annetta Palmisano, from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. In this way retailers will get even more ideas for designing their product ranges for different occasions in the year.

green ritual

A simple, almost minimalist design scheme addresses the theme of consciously giving things up as a reaction to a long-standing culture of wastefulness.

silken party

The designs for this elegant and sensuous style world are characterised by soft, organic and cloudy shapes. Unusual blossoms and petals provide a strong source of inspiration. It is a decorative scheme that comes over very well at weddings and summer celebrations.

happy get-together

This characteristically urban style is all about making metropolises more liveable, by coming together, sharing and softening the boundaries between classic categories, such as yours/mine, private/public and city/countryside.

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano was once again commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to manage the much-loved Christmasworld Trends 2020/21. In performing this task they are searching for the latest trends in relation to fashion, society, architecture and design, and then translate their findings into the latest colours, shapes and materials for festive decorations.