Turn the spotlight on the Christmasworld Trend „luminous celebrations“

When it comes to special-occasion decorations for the 2019/20 season, retailers have four huge trend worlds to choose from. Designer Claudia Herke from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano has some handy tips for designing your shop window and retail space to suit the theme. Find out how to apply the “luminous celebrations” trend to your store!

Conzoom Solutions Christmasworld Luminous Celebrations summertrend 2019

Luminous celebrations

In summer time, the glamorous luminous celebrations trend is particularly appealing. This theme is full of party glitter, sparkling looks and shimmering couture – whether for private summertime parties, corporate events or wider applications in the hotel and catering trade. Intense colours set the tone, ensuring an unusual, ultra-modern look. Retailers can use these to make their shop windows and shop floor installations effective from afar – a beneficial means of attracting lots of customers.

You can also use exotic flower decorations to catch people’s eyes. I’m thinking in particular of orchids, bulrushes and strelitzia ‘birds of paradise’.

Claudia Herke

Stylishly set in scene

Designer Claudia Herke explains: “Retailers might want to concentrate on a few elements of style: elegant, radiant and dark hints with intense colouring and iridescent metallic shades, shimmering surfaces, sequins, lamellae, high-sheen finishes and lurex effects, topped off with velvet and feathers. It all ties in brilliantly with summer and brings a touch of exoticism and exclusivity to your outlet.” For example, shop windows and retail areas could use wallpaper printing to decorate hanging strips of paper web. Our trend expert says washed-out, blurred areas of colour work well, blending into one another to full effect. The best colours for this are bold, vibrant shades like pink and violet, with their strong light effects. “You can also use exotic flower decorations to catch people’s eyes. I’m thinking in particular of orchids, bulrushes and strelitzia ‘birds of paradise’. Decorative leaves like cheese plants or slimline reeds point up the tropical atmosphere which can come across as rather refined when combined with decorative features and figures such as beetles, dragonflies and butterflies. To showcase goods, you could simply use a cube or podium in high-gloss black. This is quick and easy to create with the right film or paint,” Herke notes.

Decorative articles with floral pattern / Golden stands with candles and flowers
Gold-colored jewelry and decorative elements on a green shell
Different colored flower pots with golden inside / Tiles with color gradients on table and plates
Presentation of the special area of the summer trend at Christmasworld

Claudia Herke, Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano was once again commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to manage the much-loved Trend Area at Christmasworld 2019. In performing this task they sift through the latest trends in relation to fashion, society, architecture and design, and then translate their findings into the latest colours, shapes and materials for festive decorations. Christmasworld exhibitors offer retailers a rich portfolio of new decorative ideas from which they can draw all year round.

Picture credits: Christmasworld Frankfurt, CASABLANCA GmbH & Co. KG, Shishi AS, GIFTCOMPANY Geschenke Vertriebsges. mbH