Get the "essential ceremonies" look

Christmasworld presents four major trend worlds to the retail sector. One of them is "essential ceremonies." How can you integrate this trend into your store during the autumn season? How can you use it to decorate your shop window? How should you present your product assortment? Designer Claudia Herke from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano gives tips for trend and shop design.

The colour scheme of "essential ceremonies" includes white, light pink, copper, rust as well as desaturated blue and green.

Essential Ceremonies

In the autumn, decorations reflecting the Christmasworld trend 'essential ceremonies' are what’s needed. As in the natural world, calm and cool colours come together here with warm, baked colours and matcha green. With festive decoration, retail shops can put the focus on craftsmanship and nature and display unaffected decorations for everyday moments of enjoyment. "Naturalness and modernity, combined with rough and rustic aspects, are the distinguishing features of 'essential ceremonies'. In general, the look is handcrafted, natural and authentic – it’s my absolute favourite for autumnal shop decorations", says designer Claudia Herke.

Rough and coarsely hewn wooden blocks are very suitable for displaying the products.

Claudia Herke

Stylishly set in scene

This reduced style, with a modern accent, can be very well conveyed with dried flowers and slender tied wreaths, which can be woven onto bamboo rings, for example. Alternatively, the look can also be highlighted with pine cones and sprigs, acorns, larch twigs and grasses. "Combine twigs with dried leaves and eucalyptus leaf garlands. You can also make these yourself, by carefully interweaving fresh eucalyptus leaves", Herke adds. Rough and coarsely hewn wooden blocks are very suitable for displaying the products. When stacked they also enhance the natural character of this theme, and veneered wooden cubes complete the setting. In this way, the motifs of this style world can be perfectly displayed, drawing customers’ eyes to its very essence.

Blue and green stained glass storm lights flank a potted plant.
Product pictures  “essential ceremonies” look
Storm lights are surrounded by pine cones and decorative elements made of reed.
A multitude of smaller sized decorative elements in a grey, brown and yellow colour scheme.

Claudia Herke, Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano was once again commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to manage the much-loved Trend Area at Christmasworld 2019. In performing this task they sift through the latest trends in relation to fashion, society, architecture and design, and then translate their findings into the latest colours, shapes and materials for festive decorations. Christmasworld exhibitors offer retailers a rich portfolio of new decorative ideas from which they can draw all year round.

Picture credits: Christmasworld Frankfurt, Duif International, DPI GmbH, CASABLANCA GmbH & Co. KG, GIFTCOMPANY Geschenke Vertriebsges. mbH