Freshening up your store fitting after Covid-19

“People have a need for sensory experiences,” says neuro-aesthetics and shopfitting expert Stefan Suchanek. This is the reason why people will seek out bricks-and-mortar retail again after the pandemic. But how do you adapt your store to meet the new challenges – and further enhance it? Stefan Suchanek provides numerous easy-to-apply examples and shows that it’s all a question of needs!


  • Positive rather than negative: Make sure hygiene rules give positive messages
  • Clear and structured: Order promotes well-being
  • Generate loyalty: Through involvement and appreciation

Stefan Suchanek, RaumKunst

Stefan Suchanek founded his agency RaumKunst in 1999. In addition to his role as CEO of RaumKunst, Stefan Suchanek is also a lecturer at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Munich and a presenter at conferences, trade fairs and industry events.