Understanding and using online marketplaces

Whether it be Amazon, eBay, wayfair or Schuhe24, many customers now shop online – or at least start their product research there. The advantages of online retail are obvious: For retailers, digital marketplaces provide a further sales channel in which potential customers are already familiar with the user interface; prices and ratings can be seen at first glance, products can be compared, and a customer account is usually already up and running. But there are also disadvantages: There is hardly any customer loyalty, because the focus is on product and price rather than retailer brand. So how should retailers go about making the right decision? And what are the criteria when it comes to selecting the right platform. Learn more from Marcel Rösel, project manager of the digitalization campaign of Handelsverband Hessen.  


  • Who might benefit most from online marketplaces?
  • How do I select the right platform?
  • What are the fundamental problems that I am likely to encounter?

Marcel Rösel, Handelsverband Hessen e.V.,

The campaign was launched with the support of the Hessian State Parliament and digitales.hessen to help retailers move forward in the burgeoning digital world. Marcel Rösel, MSc (Sociology), has been the project manager there for over two years now.