How can I create a sales-boosting online store?

What do I need to consider as a trader if I want to set up my own online shop? What adjustments can I make to keep the user interface as simple as possible? How do people make purchasing decisions? Find answers to all these questions and more in the presentation by digital expert Gent Shatri. His tip: Combine creativity with technology and sales psychology if you want to run a sustainable online shop. 


  • Theory: What needs to be considered?
  • Practice: Learn from examples of best-practice
  • Common mistakes: What to avoid

Gent Shatri, tzn Digital Ventures

Gent Shatri is Head of UX / UI Design at tzn Digital Ventures in Munich, an e-commerce agency for online shop development and marketing. His area of focus is user experience design and psychology in sales. tzn has been supporting medium-sized and fast-growing companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2012.