Retail trends that have come to stay

Marilyn Repp from Handelsverband Deutschland gives an overview of the most important trends and developments in the world of retail and reminds us of something that we should always keep in mind: You can only sell if you’re visible. And visibility today requires at least two things – an entry in Google My Business and a presence on social media. The main aim of creating a social media presence, though, is not to promote sales, these days the buzzword is ‘community building’.

But things are also changing in retail outlets – the trend is clearly moving towards a greater emphasis on service and hybrid concepts that emphasise the experiential nature of retail and increase customers’ length of stay.

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  • Community Building
  • Smaller spaces, more sales consultation
  • Digital information and regional procurement
  • Experiential retail and gastro mix concepts

Marilyn Repp

Marilyn Repp is Project Manager of “Mittelstand 4.0 – Kompetenzzentrum Handel” at Handelsverband Deutschland and campaigns for diversity in retail with her podcast ‘Female Retail’.