Market development in product assortment procurement

Data is the currency of the future in all aspects of modern living, including the retail sector. However, the panel of experts who discussed this theme at the Consumer Goods Digital Day felt that Germany has the status of a developing country in this area. For instance, retailers often don’t receive the master data or content data they need to successfully sell products until weeks after the products themselves arrive – if at all. And many retailers lack the ability or capacity to create such data independently and enter it into their merchandise management system. This has a knock-on effect for manufacturers: If they don’t supply the relevant data, the products may not be included in the retailer’s product assortment – no matter how good the quality. It’s a tricky situation that is complicated by external agencies and copyright issues.

However, there are platforms and services that have made it their business to standardise processes. As the need for action is enormous, fortunately, this is an area on which the experts agree.


  • Without content data, no online shop
  • Use services for standardised processes
  • Foster customer relations and translate this into data

Panel of experts

Susanne Sorg, Vorstand, EK-Servicegroup
Klaus Schmelzeisen, Geschäftsführer, Brandlands GmbH
Claus Tormöhlen, Head of Brand Management, nmedia GmbH