Livestream Shopping – Opportunities and Potential

Livestream shopping – integral to retail’s future? Listen to retail expert Frank Rehme’s views on the subject in this podcast episode. It’s a well-known fact that for retailers to be successful today they must focus on consumer experience – and livestream shopping can be a very effective means of enhancing this. He explains which brands are seen as pioneers in the field and what you can learn from them, as well as the changing role of influencers as the concept gains traction. We also learn why he firmly believes in the mantra: “To find a new path, you have to walk it.”


  • Format benefits
  • Best practice examples
  • Target audiences and channels

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Frank Rehme

Frank Rehme is CEO of Kompetenzzentrum Handel and gmvteam GmbH. In addition, he has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and strategy consultant.