How to: Influencer marketing 2021

In the following, Daniel Zoll shows what influencer marketing may look like in 2021. What can a retailer achieve with influencers? What objectives can companies pursue? Which platforms are important, where are things going in the future and – as a retailer – where do I start with influencer marketing?


  • Get to know different types of influencers: From key opinion leaders to petfluencers
  • Select platforms according to your objectives: In addition to using Facebook, also consider Twitch and LinkedIn
  • Use formats in an integrated manner: Create a series of images from a video

Daniel Zoll

Daniel Zoll is a freelance digital content creative, speaker and social media consultant. He started as an editorial manager at a radio station in Berlin, and now develops social media strategies and concepts for well-known clients such as Redbull, ADAC and the German Federal Police. His focus is on creating new content for social media.