From catalogue to concept

Catalogues for new front-of-house products have a dual function in the hospitality sector, says Valda Goodfellow, Managing Director of G&G Goodfellows: “They inform and they inspire.” And although catalogues continue to enjoy great popularity in the present digital world because of their tactile nature, they are only one of several components in the overall process of creating a coherent restaurant concept. In her lecture at the Ambiente HoReCa Academy, she explains why the concept for a restaurant should comprise more than just the look.


  • Trust: Understanding customer needs and establishing open communication
  • Flexibility: Dealing with a changing budget
  • Relevance: Complementing your core product range with fresh ideas

Valda Goodfellow

Valda Goodfellow has worked her way up from production controller to independent entrepreneur. Since 2012, she and her husband Paul have been Managing Directors of G&G Goodfellows, a distributor of HoReCa products in the luxury segment with a clientele that includes the Masterchef TV show and London’s Ritz Hotel.