Future Shopper Report 2019

Inspiration phase – product search – choice of sales location: This ‘customer journey’ is what consumers embark on before making a purchase. In the age of Amazon, shoppers’ loyalty is increasingly focused on services and platforms rather than brands and retailers. To counteract this trend, retailers are therefore attempting to be present on all channels (‘omnichannel retail’). But it is not enough simply to be everywhere: Different channels are associated with different consumer behaviours. What is needed is a data-based strategic and conceptual understanding of each individual channel.

Your guide to omnichannel retail


  • Rethink: 50% of customer journeys begin online.
  • Differentiate: People are not fundamentally turning away from high-street shops.
  • Digitise: Integrate social media and programmatic commerce.
  • Explore more deeply: With the Future Shopper Report 2019 by Wunderman Thompson Commerce. Read it online now or download it for free!

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