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Annetta Palmisano

Christmasworld Trends 24+

22 Feb 2024

Whether visionary, familiar or more artisanal – the three styles of the Christmasworld Trends 24+ show inspiring designs for atmospheric and festive decorations. They also whet the appetite for the festival of love and for celebrations where people like to get together.

Trends 24+

AURA OF PROGRESS_visionary + elemental: playing with opposites

Christmasworld Trends 2024+: Aura of progress_visionary + elemental

AURA OF PROGRESS_visionary + elemental plays with contrasts: the elemental meets the visionary, handmade meets high-tech, classic craft techniques meet digital technologies and -supported processes. Archaic, natural elements and visionary technologies are combined in a targeted way to create unique designs. Environmental sustainability is the starting point here for many designers: A yearning for primeval nature and curiosity about the future drive them to develop creative visions around energy, change and magic. This decoration theme reflects the essential and at the same time sets extravagant accents for an atmospheric festive season.

The vibrant colour palette ranges from refreshing aqua tones and violet, through earthy brown and stone grey, to solar yellow and lava orange. Neutral white sets clear contrasts. Shapes and materials borrowed from nature, such as wood, steel and stone, receive new attention: rough, uneven, aged or rusty surfaces inspire new patterns. Futuristic elements, metallic shimmer, blurs and gradients or colourful reflections in glass spheres guarantee a glamorous festive mood. Modern LED technology and sophisticated luminaires create exciting visual effects. Diffusers, candles and scented oils open up a new sensory world and lend the festively designed room a special aura.

QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure + familiar: the special in the simple

Christmasworld Trends 2024+: QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure + familiar

QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure +familiar reflects the ever-growing awareness of mental and physical well-being with designs that are close to nature. Peace and security characterise this style just like sustainability: as much as possible, everything is used, from wood and its remains to leaves and bark. The special is recognized in the simple: Familiar, simple raw materials and everyday objects are detached from their original context and are given new lustre through innovative design. These experimental products are unostentatious, honest and durable – and appear both familiar and unusual: Purist sculptures are fashioned from discarded paper fibres and reusable creations made from natural materials offer an attractive alternative to real Christmas trees. Even traditional Christmas tree baubles are reinterpreted with the use of abstract shapes. The focus lies on the quiet beauty of natural, responsibly processed materials and a sustainable future. The holistic design approach provides a relaxed feel-good atmosphere to room decoration.

The simple, natural character of the decoration trend is reflected in the colour scheme: delicate and friendly pastel shades such as sage and shaded blue radiate lightness and optimism. Soft nuances in apricot, terracotta and straw yellow are reminiscent of warm summer days. Matt ecru, sand and wood tones have a balancing effect and create a cosy room experience full of harmony. Organic shapes and biological materials such as wood and stone, clay, raffia and ceramics bring nature into the home.

SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical: modern aesthetics with a personal touch

Christmasworld Trends 2024+: SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical

SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical combines craft skills, vintage appeal and unusual, modern aesthetics with a very personal touch. In this style world, old meets new, 70s vibes meet modern design, picturesque patterns meet colourful material mixes. The free-spirited style celebrates diversity: a wide variety of different, unusual techniques, materials and patterns come together here in a sophisticated and inspiring mix. Striking silhouettes, powerful colours and geometric shapes are eye-catchers in the room. Differently woven textiles or colourful glass art underline the expressive trend that moves between rediscovery and reinvention: Materials are recycled as far as possible and enhanced to create unique artistic pieces. Traditional techniques and almost forgotten materials such as ceramics bring countless new design possibilities.

The sophisticated, powerful colour combinations create atmospheric decorated spaces with artistic charisma. The expressive, painterly colour schemes and pattern mixes appear intuitive and yet coherent in themselves. Honey-yellow amber, copper-brown brandy and intense chilli bring a soothing warmth. A light and a dark grey together with sepia provide balance. Decorative lapis lazuli, deep glass green and cool turquoise round off the charismatic colour range and bring good humour.


Presentation by trend expert Annetta Palmisano

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