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Plates by Dibbern

Style-Guide for the table

The five most beautiful dinnerware trends

13 May 2024

Whether made of porcelain, ceramic or earthenware, tableware always takes centre stage on the laid table. Plates, cups etc. not only skilfully set the stage for the various dishes, but are also an expression of the individual lifestyle.

Which dishes should be placed on the table today? In addition to colour and appearance, the intended use also plays a role in this question. How nice that there is something for every taste in the latest table looks. Our trend guide ranges from classic blue and white to striking reliefs and lush floral designs.

Trend 1 #Blue-White

If there is one timeless style that can easily survive all fashions, then it is the blue and white table setting. This colour combination is as versatile as the decors in the various shades of blue and can be interpreted from classic to modern.

With the "Brasserie" collection, Dibbern has realised a design by Anna Pascher that playfully captures the elements and delicacies of French cuisine. The choice of the colour navy blue for the decor not only reflects the artist's preferred shade, but also deliberately harks back to the traditional use of blue in porcelain painting.

Dibbern – Ambiente Dining

A masterpiece of modern industrial design is the "Form 1382", which Hermann Gretsch designed for Arzberg in 1931. To this day, the functional, aesthetic everyday form has lost none of its fascination. Another evergreen is the cheerful, corn-blue flower motif "1382 Blaublüten", which exudes a nostalgic, romantic flair. Since this year, the "1382" form has been marketed under the Rosenthal brand name.

Rosenthal – Ambiente Dining

Trend 2 #Dopamine Decor

Dopamine Dressing – fashion in bright colours and with cheerful patterns – is now followed by Dopamine Decor, the current feel-good living trend. Bright colours in pink, blue or orange meet striped patterns or are mixed with pastel shades. This stimulates the happiness hormone dopamine.

With "Futurismo" from Vista Alegre, the name says it all. Bright, contrasting colours define the geometric shapes full of oblique lines and circles, with plenty of gold accents. Situated somewhere between avant-garde and luxury, this dynamic collection is a testimony to the craftsmanship of Vista Alegre's porcelain makers. Because tradition obliges. The Portuguese company is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year.

Vista Alegre – Ambiente Dining

Designer Helen von Boch already caused a furore in 1971 with her "globe". Today, the reinterpretation "La Boule Miami" by Villeroy & Boch takes over this role. The decor is characterised by its retro-inspired aesthetic, which has been combined with modern accents. Simple lines and geometric shapes enter into an exciting dialogue with energetic trend colours.

Villeroy & Boch – Ambiente Dining

Trend 3 #Relief

Tableware with relief is a perennial favourite on the table and is currently experiencing a brilliant revival. Pure white shapes are given that certain something and an interesting feel by playing with heights and depths. Coloured glazes accentuate the relief particularly well.

Tableware from the "Amina" collection by Seltmann Weiden on a table
„Amina“ by Seltmann Weiden

"Amina" by Seltmann Weiden is an invitation to feel good. The fine rod relief builds a graphic bridge between the flowing overall shape and detailed accents. In addition to classic white and expressive silver-grey, "Amina" adds a romantic touch in rosé. Combining is expressly permitted!

Seltmann Weiden – Ambiente Dining

Trend 4 #Flower Power

Are floral decors something for romantics or only suitable for a cosy country house ambience? Not at all. Flowers, blossoms, fruits and plants also set accents in a clean lifestyle and allow new table settings to be created with ease.

In homage to Kähler's most famous designer, Sved Hammershøi, Hans-Christian Bauer created the "Hammershøi" shape with its distinctive grooves in 2015. Artist Rikke Jacobsen has now introduced a blossoming watercolour world with the "Hammershøi Summer" decor. Lush blossoms and sun-ripened berries convey the feeling of the warm season.

Rosendahl Design Group – Ambiente Living

The beauty of nature brings Mittelpunkt into the home. Five women with very different lives have founded the young brand out of their shared love of nature. The extraordinary designs feature delicate detailed photographs and impressive drawings of native plants and wild animals. Selected seasonal trend colours are combined with them.

Mittelpunkt – Ambiente Living

Trend 5 #Ceramic Style

Naturalness and craftsmanship are the defining elements in the interior sector. Ceramic-style tableware with reactive glazes and irregular shapes look like unique pieces. A mix of colours and shapes creates a rustic flair.

Stoneware by the „Villa Styles“-collection at a table
Stoneware by the „Villa Styles“-collection

Villa Collection Denmark combines Nordic style and southern ceramic art in its "Villa Styles" concept to create a colourful stoneware collection. All pieces are hand-moulded, reactive glazes determine the individual look. The mugs with their striking wide handles, which are given an artistic touch by the hand-stamped oval pattern, are real hand-held favourites.

F&H Group – Ambiente Living