Creativeworld Trends 2020/21

We are surrounded by trends. We encounter them on the street, in shops, and in the media, and they influence designers, product developers, retailers and, of course, end consumers. Megatrends, such as individualisation and mindfulness, have an influence on the creative sector as well. The Creativeworld trends convey an overview of the current trends and ideas, showing international retailers what’s in vogue for the upcoming DIY season.

Creativeworld Trends Product
Creativeworld Trends Product
Creativeworld Trends Product

"For the 2020/21 trends, we’ll be highlighting the developmental process. There are no barriers to finding new ideas when working intensively with different materials and techniques. We’re calling for people to push the boundaries and accept failed attempts in order to come up with new approaches", says designer Claudia Herke, from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. "Mixed media art is the key to creativity here. There’s not just one technique for a particular product: different results come from experimental trial and error." Three 'style worlds' have emerged from this: work-out, re-form and up‑date. They bring together one concept: being open to new ideas.

Work-out: making things by hand

In this trend world, creativity comes particularly to the fore. The focus here is on making things with our own hands and on rough work with raw materials such as concrete, plaster and cement. There are attractive techniques here for achieving strong surface effects with irregular, original and imperfect textures.

Re-form: colourful transformation

Keywords, such as multicolour, collagen, action painting, batik, dip dyeing and patchwork, sum up the 're-form' style world. Intensive colours and multi combinations of different materials and techniques reach their experimental peak in this trend world. Everything goes; there’s nothing that can’t be done.

Up-date: bringing things up to date

This trend world is aimed at the younger generation. It is experimental, rather than following the norm, and it is about free application of scribbled, cut out, hand-painted or sprayed writing in contrast to calligraphic writing used in hand lettering.

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Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

„We are commissioning Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano to select our trends. The designers gather information throughout the year from across all disciplines. They draw their inspiration from fashion, product design and lifestyle, and they adapt what they’ve seen to the creative sector", says Michael Reichhold, Director of Creativeworld, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. "This is the way the Creativeworld trends come into being every year, giving manufacturers and retailers inspiration and a look ahead, and showing what’s on trend across the world."