Ambiente Trends 2021

Dreamy. Natural. In transition. The interior environment is changing. The Ambiente Trends 2021 present which trends are currently shaping the global consumer goods sector and which needs are gaining importance at home. Three trend themes have been selected for 2021: "emotional. love of home", "continual. related to nature" and "renewal. notion of redo". The in-depth lecture describes current themes, colors, materials, inspirations and styles with a wealth of images. The most important questions were answered in the following Q&A.

emotional. love of home

In uncertain times, our home moves centre stage. Now more than ever, interior spaces are meeting functional and emotional needs. In other words, emotion is becoming a primary function. love of home conveys security and safety. Warm vintage colours such as peach, blush, washed-out forget-me-not blue, nude and nectar yellow create a comforting, intimate atmosphere. These soothing colours with their nostalgic appeal are outlined by radiant white, dark liquorice and mint. Floral decorations and romantic motifs offer an invitation to dream in the here and now. The look is cosy and pleasing, but not too luxurious – simply suitable for the setting.

continual. related to nature

Living with mindfulness and awareness. An interior theme that feels completely natural. related to nature transforms the experience of nature into a home whose rhythm beats more slowly and thoughtfully. We carefully curate what we allow to move in with us. We opt for reality instead of high-gloss aesthetics. Our homes are literally becoming greener. The palette in this interior theme ranges from a strong moss tone, earthy brown and grey to natural shades of green. Desaturated tones such as blue and lavender fit well here, providing a calm and harmonious framework for the strong colours. The influence of nature can be seen in every single fibre and in every single structure of this interior theme.

renewal. notion of redo

With the future seeming vague and uncertain, we make it tangible – by trying out innovative ideas here and now, upcycling and reforming. notion of redo is all about renewal. Improvisation is definitely encouraged. Even designer pieces now display a casual DIY attitude. These exciting and invigorating colours are bursting with confidence. Dark crimson, bright sun red, sky violet, pink and orange unfold before us like a magical sunset. This energy cocktail is complemented by fresh algal blue-green, cloud grey and ocean blue. Wood and plastic waste, brightly coloured glass and textiles are suddenly transformed into exciting collages in new contexts. Irregularity is allowed – and demanded. This interior theme presents familiar materials in a way we’ve never seen before.

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

Ambiente Trends cover a broad spectrum, offering an overview of the entire industry and its new products. These will be researched and curated for Messe Frankfurt by the design studio Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. The studio will be sifting through the most ground-breaking influences in the areas of design, art, architecture, fashion and lifestyle.