The store as the most important point of contact

Martin Gaber gave interesting insights into the high street retail trade in his expert lecture at Ambiente 2019. Digitisation is increasingly being used to create previously unimagined shopping experiences. Proximity to the customer is what drives major online retailers to open stores. See for yourself in the following video where the journey on the shop floor is heading.


  • Creating strong added value with digital shopping experiences
  • Making the Point of Sale fit for the future through innovation
  • Promoting customer loyalty and accompanying the customer on each step of their journey

Martin Gaber, Jos de Vries International B.V.

Martin Gaber is partner and senior consultant at Jos de Vries International B.V. – a company that has been successfully developing and designing concepts for retail customers in Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East for more than 30 years. Jos de Vries’ sphere of expertise covers strategy, communication, design and architecture.