Social Commerce – a beginner’s guide to selling via social media platforms

How can a retailer leverage its various social media channels to boost sales? In the presentation by consultant Katja Heinemann, you will learn what social commerce actually is, for which products it is suitable, and also where the stumbling blocks lie. Tips and best practice examples are provided to help you with the practicalities involved. Listen, learn and deploy. Let’s go! 


  • What social commerce has to do with referral and recommendation marketing
  • How to expand your e-commerce activities with little effort
  • The no-goes you need to be aware of

Katja Heinemann, Arrabiata Solutions GmbH

Katja Heinemann is a qualified information technology engineer, e-commerce expert and management consultant. With over 20 years of practical experience in the online industry, she supports companies of all sizes in designing and optimizing their e-commerce activities, holds workshops and lectures, and pens publications.