Retail Reset: From salesperson to Customer Happy Maker

“Why just make someone satisfied when you could make them happy?” asks retail expert Katrin Gugl as she argues for a new type of salesperson: the customer happiness creator. It’s an approach with great potential as 80% of all purchasing decisions are based on emotion. And since emotions are still best conveyed offline from person to person, this is a key advantage for the high-street retail sector.


  • Promoting customer loyalty: with empathy and passion at PoS
  • Enough of stereotypes: experiencing the customer as a person
  • Showing sensitivity: waiting for the right moment of contact

Katrin Gugl

Retail expert Katrin Gugl advises well-known medium-sized brands and international companies. As a coach and speaker, she has 25 years of experience in the industry and over 10,000 people have attended her lectures and seminars.