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Ethical Style Spot at Messe Frankfurt

Sustainability as a sales proposition

Shopping with a conscience feeling – Six exemplary products

25 Jan 2024

Sustainability, minimising waste, circular economy, recycling and fair trade - these buzzwords are omnipresent in our everyday lives. Interest in "green topics" has risen steadily in recent years and more and more consumers want to organise their lives sustainably. This includes conscious consumption as a counterpoint to the excesses of the throwaway society.

Where and by whom was the product made? Which conditions do the employees work under? What materials is the item made of? More and more consumers are asking these questions - regardless of whether they are making an impulse buying decision or a specific purchase. The increased "green conscience" of – usually well-informed – customers also harbours enormous sales opportunities, for example by specifically pointing out sustainable collections in the shop window or in the shop.

The Ethical Style programme at Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld provides orientation for sustainable product range design. Interested? We give you six product examples that you can discover and order directly at the three consumer goods fairs.

Brabantia – New energy for ironing

"Sustainability is not something we do, but something we are. It's in our nature," says Brabantia. Since the Dutch company was founded over 100 years ago, it has been consistently committed to people and the environment. The aim is to achieve a 100 per cent circular economy by 2035. With the "New Dawn" ironing board cover, which is made from 100 per cent Fairtrade cotton, you can recharge your batteries while ironing. The cover's cheerful print is complemented by a clear conscience, as the use of Fairtrade raw materials guarantees fair pay and safe working conditions for workers in the countries where the cotton is grown in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Brabantia | Hall 9.2 A04 – Ambiente Dining

Soapi – Simple and ingenious

The Berlin start-up Soapi has set itself the task of developing sustainable and useful products to make the world a little greener, more beautiful and more user-friendly. The result is the magnetic Soapi soap holder, which helps to minimise plastic waste in the bathroom. It encourages the use of solid soaps or shampoos, which can be easily attached to the wall or in the shower with the Soapi. Another benefit: 90 per cent of the plastic mould is made from used fishing nets. This means that the plastic no longer ends up in the oceans, but in a new form and in the bathroom for the long term. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in one product, Soapi makes it possible.

Soapi | Hall 3.0 G38D – Ambiente Living

König + Neurath – Award-winning design

König + Neurath's commitment to the environment is evident in all areas of the company: from product development and the use of environmentally friendly materials to the company's own resource-saving production of office furniture and room systems in Germany. Even better when design award-winning products are created in this environment. The "K+N Nook.Shell" shell chair has just been honoured with the German Design Award 2024. The shape of the seat shell is responsible for the cosy effect of the universally usable, high-quality chair. It quotes a design classic, but adds further design aspects such as upholstery variants as well as colour and design options. This means that the "K+N Nook.Schell" cuts a fine figure in the office and at home.

König + Neurath | Hall 3.1 B11 – Ambiente Working
Living room with "K+N Nook.Schell" shell chairs from König + Neurath
Resource-saving production, outstanding design: "K+N Nook.Schell" shell chair from König + Neurath.

PT Wax Industri Nusantara – Handcrafted by conviction

For the Indonesian manufacturer PT Wax Industri Nusantara, being a Fairtrade company means more than just paying its employees a living wage. The conscious decision to produce palm oil candles by hand creates jobs for the predominantly female workforce and thus a second income for families in structurally weak rural areas. At the same time, the consistently high quality of the products can be guaranteed. All candles are made by skilful hands and with as many local and renewable raw materials as possible. Whether single-coloured or the popular striped candles, all models burn evenly and stably and bathe every ambience in their warm light.

PT Wax Industri Nusantara | Hall 6.0 D61 – Christmasworld

Hempa – Hemp, the ecological choice

It is no coincidence that the Bocholt-based company Hempa is the winner of the German Sustainability Award. Hempa brings a new level of sustainability to the world of stationery with high-quality paper products for artists and creatives made from 100% hemp. While trees can only be harvested for paper production after around 10 years, the fast-growing utilised hemp is harvested three times a year. In addition, hemp paper can also be recycled more frequently and makes a positive contribution to the waste paper cycle. The hemp fibre thus creates a balance between ecology and quality. The product portfolio ranges from hemp paper to colouring and drawing pads to lovingly designed cards.

Hempa | Hall 1.2 C24 – Creativeworld

Inge's Christmas Decor – The Christmas experts

Traditional craftsmanship and modern design combine to create special collections at Inge's Christmas Decor. Each individual glass ornament is mouth-blown and hand-painted with great care in the company's own factory. The Sternenkrönchen® guarantees that you are holding a unique piece from the Inge-Glas® manufactory in your hands. For 2024, the Christmas experts from Neustadt near Coburg in Bavaria have identified the "Green Balance" trend, which is interpreted with the "Sunny Autumn Day" collection. The combination of lush green tones and strong earthy colours conveys a feeling of calm and security. A sustainable packaging concept completes the collection.

Inges’s Christmas Decor | Hall 5.0 B 80 and Hall 5.1 C 60 – Christmasworld
Inge's Christmas Decor: The "Sunny Autumn Day" collection creates a cosy atmosphere.
Inge's Christmas Decor: The "Sunny Autumn Day" collection creates a cosy atmosphere.

Ethical style label

Across all product areas, a total of 374 exhibitors at Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld will be carrying the Ethical Style label. The stands are labelled accordingly and suppliers can also be filtered by the "Ethical Style" label in the list of exhibitors. Applicants for the special interest are checked by an independent jury of international experts.

They will be assessed:

  • Various aspects of sustainability such as environmentally friendly and recyclable materials
  • Resource-saving manufacturing processes
  • Craftsmanship that preserves traditions
  • Future-orientated products and processes
  • Socially acceptable working conditions

Use the Ethical Style label as a guide in your search for sustainable collections!