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Bugatti kitchen assistants

Useful kitchen assistants

Innovative, versatile & attractive: small electric appliances

12 Mar 2024

It's hard to imagine a household without them: small electric appliances fulfil different jobs in the kitchen and set stylish accents in the living area. The latest generation of appliances impresses with its functionality, low energy consumption and innovative features.

Frying, baking or roasting... as an all-round talent, the air fryer has become the secret star in the kitchen in recent years. In addition to multifunctional appliances, there are also many specialists among the electric kitchen gadgets that produce creamy veggie drinks or trendy ice cream specialities at the touch of a button, for example. Small electric appliances are an important part of the cooking product range and ensure additional sales potential with fast innovation cycles. We present the must-haves of the season.

Graef – For barista quality

Graef's coffee world has a new flagship: the "Estessa" portafilter machine. With three adjustable user profiles, the premium appliance sets new standards for the preparation of coffee specialities and satisfies individual wishes in terms of preparation method and taste. Sophisticated technology ensures that the machine is ready for use quickly while saving energy at the same time. The classic stainless steel housing can also be customised with various acacia wood or acrylic applications. The "CM 1116" coffee grinder, which delivers freshly ground beans at all times, is the perfect match.

Graef – Ambiente Dining

Bugatti – For design fans

Toasters and kettles are prominent features in the kitchen. Special design highlights can be found at Bugatti. The new "Romeo" toaster is characterised by its timeless aesthetics. With its curved profile, it is the ideal partner for "Giulietta", the iconic kettle from the Casa Bugatti Signature Appliances collection. Available in different colours, they prepare the perfect breakfast every morning and bring the "Unexpected Everyday", according to the Italian company's guiding principle.

Bugatti– E 60 Ambiente Dining

Caso Design – For wine lovers

A perfectly tempered wine is the ideal accompaniment to a good meal. With the "VinoCase Black" bottle cooler from Caso Design, you can always enjoy your favourite wine at the perfect drinking temperature. Suitable for bottles with a diameter of up to 9 cm, the modern table wine cooler keeps the temperature of a pre-cooled bottle of wine, champagne or sparkling wine constant from starter to dessert. The temperature is electronically adjustable from 5 to 18 °C in 1 degree increments (or from 41 to 64 °F.) with practical sensor touch operation.

Caso Design – Ambiente Dining
“VinoCase Black” bottle cooler from Caso Design
Ensures the perfect temperature: “VinoCase Black” bottle cooler from Caso Design.

Gastroback – For ice cream specialties

With the "Design Ice Shaver" from Gastroback, lovers of ice-cold specialities will get plenty to enjoy. Popular ice cream trends from Hawaii such as shave ice or snow cones can now be produced at home. At the touch of a button, frozen ingredients such as fruit, juice, coffee, milk or yoghurt are grated directly into a cocktail glass or ice cream cup. The appliance is easy to clean and the accessories and attachments are dishwasher-safe, so that the "Design Ice Shaver" is ready for use again in no time at all. For slush ice, cocktails, drinks and other refreshing desserts...

Gastroback – Ambiente Dining

Rommelsbacher – For delicious veggie drinks

Whether oat drink, soya or almond "milk", plant-based drinks are becoming increasingly popular as a vegan alternative to milk. With the "Vera" veggie drink & soup maker from Rommelsbacher, you can make the finest plant-based drinks yourself in a convenient and energy-saving way. "Vera" also prepares creamy soups and porridge and you can even use this multi-talent to create mixed drinks and smoothies. This is made possible by nine programmes and a separate pulse function for precise blending and chopping.

Rommelsbacher – Ambiente Dining

Ninja – For outdoor cooking

The "Woodfire" outdoor oven from Ninja opens up a whole new world of flavours for your next BBQ party - and all without an open flame. Thanks to the integrated smoker with real wood fire taste and temperatures of up to 370 degrees Celsius, it combines the aromas of a traditional stone oven with the functionality of a modern oven. Homemade pizzas can be baked in the new outdoor talent in just around 2.5 minutes or spicy spare ribs can be prepared in the smoker. Thanks to eight different cooking levels, there are almost no limits to the variety of recipes.

Shark Ninja – Ambiente Dining

Russell Hobbs – For almost every cooking challenge

It is a real all-rounder: the "SatisFry Air & Grill" multicooker from Russell Hobbs is a real masterpiece in the kitchen. Whether hot air frying, grilling, searing, baking, roasting, keeping warm or slow cooking, this versatile appliance masters all disciplines. The hot air technology enables the preparation of nutritious, well-balanced dishes with little or no oil and is significantly faster and more energy-efficient than a conventional oven. Top and bottom heat ensure even browning.

Russell Hobbs – Ambiente Dining

Beezer® – For cool drinks

This innovation from the Munich start-up is a revolution in beverage cooling. At the touch of a button, the Beezer® cools the desired beverages within a very short time. After a pre-cooling phase of approx. 10 minutes - similar to the preheating time of an oven - the appliance is ready for use. As soon as the bottle or can is placed in the cooling chamber, the cooling process begins with the help of extremely cold air. This system has also impressed the long-established company Ritterwerk, which has taken over the production and distribution of this world first. Beezer® – a product by ritter.

Ritter – Ambiente Dining
The innovative beverage cooler Beezer® – a product by ritter.
The innovative beverage cooler Beezer® – a product by ritter.