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Innovative product presentation

Virtual tour: Ms. Paper & Friends

11 Apr 2024

In the retail sector, the art of product presentation is a crucial success factor. But what truly makes a presentation convincing? The answer often lies in the creative fusion of unique products and innovative staging. The special presentation 'Ms. Paper & Friends' showcases how product staging functions as an artwork and the potentials a digital showroom holds for stationary retail.

The special presentation "Ms. Paper & Friends" surprises and inspires with fresh and lasting impulses for product presentation. Serving as a source of inspiration for retailers, the area showcases a curated selection of items from Urban Gifts, Stationery, and Interior Design in an exceptional presentation.

By incorporating a digital space, the traditional retail store extends its accessibility to customers 24/7. The 360° tour of Ms. Paper & Friends highlights the numerous opportunities and benefits of a digital showroom for the retail industry.

virtual tour of Ms. Paper & Friends 2024

Discover the applications of the digital showroom with a 360° tour of the exhibition. You have the opportunity to intuitively explore the virtual space or navigate to specific highlights.

Interview with Angelika Niestrath

Interested in learning more about storytelling in product presentation? Watch the interview with Angelika Niestrath, the curator of Ms. Paper & Friends. She explains the importance of storytelling and presentation for the store's success and demonstrates how the integration of traditional and modern elements creates an inviting atmosphere.