Claudia Herke

Creativeworld Trends 2024

22 Feb 2024

The focus is on the fun of creating something unique – and with a variety of materials and techniques. The Creativeworld Trends show pure joie de vivre. The industry and trend outlook is based on analyses of current colour, shape and material trends and shows how these aspects flow into creative techniques and handicrafts.

Trends 2024

Calm Essentials

Creativeworld Trends 24: Calm essentials

Calm Essentials focuses on what is elemental. "Less is more" is the credo. In limitation lie undreamt-of creative possibilities. Now more than ever, the quality of materials is gaining in importance: materials are recognized as precious - in the creative process they are valued accordingly. In the coming season, the choice falls on fine materials such as merino wool, cashmere and mohair: knitted fabrics feel even more valuable and are enriched by a sensual element. The natural and genuine is in the foreground, for example in the mixture of light and dark clay for puristically beautiful ceramic works. Restrained colours from off-white, ecru and grey tones to black go well with this. Strong ochre and a charming, delicate red set warm accents.

Simple sketches or structures become reduced motifs. Graphic embroidery, quilted lines and checks or accentuated edges add sophisticated colour accents and stylishly enhance textiles. In this way, cushions or linen blouses are processed by hand and given a personal touch. Minimalist is also the jewellery design with rod beads: simple techniques are used to create effective results such as simple filigree rings. Drawings with coloured pencil, chalk and fineliner enhance the appearance of greeting cards. Carved linoleum or eraser stamps can be used not only for single motifs but also for two-dimensional patterns, as the print templates can be shifted against each other or superimposed. Sculptural forms made of plaster, clay or concrete conquer the third dimension. Here it is possible to experiment wonderfully with complementary materials of their own sensual quality: Paper cast in plaster appears transparent and creates subtle effects - simple and surprising.

Vintage Vibes

Creativeworld Trends 24: Vintage vibes

Vintage Vibes celebrate the charm of what has gone before: Nostalgic items are experiencing a revival. Heirlooms and flea market finds are artfully transformed into new favourite pieces. Old things are looked at anew with an unbiased eye; in the creative process, old things are appropriated anew: Textile designs, ceramics or papers are charmingly altered, painted and embroidered or simply serve as templates. Old buttons become unconventional stamps for sealing wax; floral motifs give even the plainest second-hand objects a nostalgic and sensitive feel. Everything is enchanted by imaginative, creative techniques.

Thus, self-designed print motifs are reminiscent of the typical hatchings of old copper engravings; elegant flower silhouettes are transferred with a brush onto delicately striped bed linen; decorative stitches transform coloured cardboard into poetic paper flowers - the coming season sees in bloom a new passion for things with vintage appeal. Fine, old tablecloths become fashionable accessories like a fabric handbag; collectible cups and sugar bowls are transformed into original candlesticks - each piece unique. More than ever, social trends are reflected in the creative process: in fashion, feminine details such as jewellery show up across gender lines. Brooches, self-threaded pearl necklaces or embroidery details can be found on masculine shirts; a blouse with a large bow can be put together from two typical men's shirts, commenting with a wink on the fluid boundaries between the sexes.

Funny Styles

Creativeworld Trends 24: Funny styles

Hurray for humour and hilarity! Funny styles draw their inspiration from this. Strong, contrasting designs look cheerful, lively and full of energy. With dynamism and a twinkle in the eye, this style mixes different materials, contrasting colours and bold motifs in the coming season. Spontaneous, intuitive patterns and energetic neon tones take centre stage. For example, a crocheted mobile phone case with a carrying chain made of strikingly colourful beads becomes a fashionable exclamation mark.

Colourful accessories and decorative elements can be made from paracord, such as elaborate Japanese knots for good luck. Together with the striking gift box, they become a colourful team that gives joy. Graffiti effects, cartoon prints and the characteristic black outline of comics are strong design elements. Well-known comic motifs and funny animal figures such as the duck and Lucky Cat serve as stylised embroidery, knitting and painting patterns; pictograms and pixels, symbols of reduced aesthetics, become motifs and design elements in their own right. The Lego© letter-print technique follows precisely these aesthetics. Funny styles are lively, playful and humorous. They are created by a look that retains a childlike quality: Why shouldn't a pair of socks have two unequal sides? Even when modelling, the surfaces are allowed to be uneven: perfection is no longer a standard here: It is the imperfection from which craftsmanship now derives its charm.


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