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Coffee maker with a cup of coffee

Coffee is trendy

Must-haves for the perfect coffee experience

10 Jul 2024

Coffee is much more than just a vitaliser. As an espresso, latte macchiato or trendy mixed drink, it accompanies us throughout the day. Coffee combines enjoyment and lifestyle. And that's exactly why products centred around the aromatic bean can also give your business a real "caffeine boost".

Convenient preparation

For connoisseurs, fresh, carefully hand-brewed coffee is one of the greatest pleasures of all. In addition to coffee, hot water, a filter and a pot, all you need is a little practice. The French press or an Italian espresso maker are just as easy to use.

Essential accessories

No matter which coffee speciality you prefer, coffee enjoyment is only perfect with the right equipment. Useful tools such as milk frothers or decorative bowls and dishes for sugar and other small treats are functional and visually in top form.

Meet at the coffee table

Whether it's a seasonal occasion such as Easter, a birthday party or just because: fortunately, there are countless reasons to socialise with a coffee and cake. However, the table does not always have to be set with a classic service. Variety is welcome: and sometimes the choice of crockery is enough to get people talking.

Table setting with coffee assortment from Fiftyeight Products

With the diverse coffee range offered by Fiftyeight Products, get-togethers are anything but boring. This includes coffee and espresso cups, jugs, plates, sugar bowls, milk jugs and much more. They all have a wide variety of facial expressions and come in "cheerful", "mischievous" or "in a good mood", for example.

Fiftyeight Products

Lots of favourite cups

At family breakfasts or team meetings in the office, everyone has their own personal favourite cup. From large mugs to espresso cups, the choice of shapes, colours and designs is huge. In other words, plenty of gift ideas. Because every cupboard has a place for a mug in a new design.