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Annetta Palmisano

Ambiente Trends 24+

22 Feb 2024

Ambiente Trends 24+ offers an overview of innovations from the entire consumer goods industry. This time, they showcase the luxury of silence, new compositions and digital innovations. Sustainability runs through all style worlds and living spaces even more consistently than before.

Trends 24+

AURA OF PROGRESS_visionary + elemental

Trend Collage AURA OF PROGRESS_visionary + elemental

AURA OF PROGRESS_visionary + elemental sharpens our attention for progressive ways of looking at things and stands for a fascinating interplay of opposites. Elemental force meets futurism, and archaic elements combine with hyper-innovative technology. For digital and also AI-supported design processes enhance traditional craft methods. Ecological, resource-saving approaches are decisive for many designers. The results are not only fascinating and novel, but also sustainable. A living theme that inspires and grounds us at the same time.

In the radiant and vibrant colour palette, the digital world appears to merge with the physical – and reaches from warm tones like violet, intense solar yellow to glowing lava to cool components and light-flooded nuances such as aqua and mineral tones. A shimmering cloud tone as well as deep grey and dark earth tones characterise the neutral component. Colour gradients, airbrush effects, glassy-transparent and blurry colours strengthen this effect. Strong materials such as wood, steel and stone, as well as shapes borrowed from nature, are deliberately brought together with futuristic elements. Rough and uneven surfaces are in the focus. Traces of aged materials flow into the surface design. Even rust can serve here as inspiration for an out-of-the-ordinary pattern. In addition, conceptual fragrances like candles, diffusers or special room perfumes enrich this living theme just as much as visual phenomena created via innovatively interpreted LED technology – for example with luminaires that immerse an entire room in a veritable glow of colour.

QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure + familiar

Trend Collage QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure + familiar

QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure + familiar discovers the special in the simple and reflects the need for calm and clarity. Positive colours and simple, sustainable materials allow us to experience warmth, tranquility and comfort as the real luxury. The appreciation for existing raw materials and the work on a future worth living in are reflected in the entire design. A holistic living theme that is puristic and soothing at the same time.

Natural material colours, sunlit pastels and lightened tones are characteristic for this palette, from warm terracotta and wood tones as well as straw yellow to neutral ecru and sand tones to cool grey, blue and sage. Familiar materials appear released from their original context. Eggshells, for example, serve as the starting point for unusual designs that tell their own stories. As far as possible, everything is recycled – not just wood but leaves and bark too. Discarded paper fibres are turned into handmade, high-quality paper. Simple, completely unassuming and unconventional resources from everyday life are often given new meaning in this way. Transformation is fundamentally understood. Many designers fully exploit the principles of circular design and work with compostable bioplastics, for example. Moreover, the boundaries between design and art are fluid. Individually processed objects celebrate the aesthetics of everyday life, the enjoyment and appreciation of simple rituals.

SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical

Trend Collage SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical

SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical brings together diverse influences in a bold and poetic manner and is characterised by striking shapes, bold combinations and a sophisticated colour palette. Craft skills combine with a modern aesthetic, a clear personal touch and durability. In addition, products and interior design ideas with a flexible character are increasingly appreciated, as they are constantly adapting to our changing living circumstances.

The extravagant colour palette combines a warm amber, brandy and chili tone with neutral grey and sepia as well as with cool lapis lazuli, glass green and turquoise. Diverse craft skills and almost forgotten materials and techniques give rise to objects with a quite unique style – for example, the combination of copper and hot enamel where the glass-like powder coating lends the material a striking look with amazing colours and unpredictable shades. Vintage pieces and motifs from manufacturers’ archives are also rediscovered and artfully transformed into new designs. Ceramic is a key material with unimagined design possibilities. Especially with tableware and glass, hand-painted motifs and hand-worked structures emphasise their unique character. Textiles and rugs are reminiscent of objets d’art with elaborate handicraft techniques, self-confident patterns and wide-area appliqués making the products appear like large-format graphics, collages and reliefs.


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