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Interview with Paula Macaggi

Retail Next Big Trends: The Evolution Through Technology

26 Mar 2024

How do regional differences shape the dynamics of retail? And what role do technological innovations play in this global context? Discover more about the evolving dynamics and emerging trends in the global retail environment in the interview with retail expert Paula Macaggi.

“The key measure for retailers to be successful in the current economic landscape is really thinking about the customer - thinking about what the customer wants and how you can provide more value for the same product you have.”

Paula Macaggi, global retail expert and founder of new podcast "OFFBounds”

Paula Macaggi offers an exciting insight into the evolving retail landscape. The interview sheds light on regional labor market disparities and discusses the impact of technology on trade worldwide. From the merging of digital and physical realms to personalized customer experiences, AI and generative AI, as well as sustainability initiatives – these are exciting developments currently shaping the retail industry.


  • Regional disparities in labor markets and technological assumptions shape retail strategies worldwide.

  • Technological advancements blur the lines between digital and physical retail, thereby promoting omnichannel approaches and immersive customer experiences.

  • Sustainability is a key theme that requires transparency and education from retailers to meet the rising consumer demand for sustainable products.

Expert information

As a global retail expert, Paula Macaggi actively participates in industry discussions worldwide. She is the Founder of new podcast "OFFBounds”, in which she conducts interviews with retail industry leaders, exploring the experiences and strategies that global leaders encounter. Paula's passion for innovation, coupled with her deep familiarity with various markets, equips her to offer a unique perspective on stages as an international speaker and to companies as a strategic advisor.