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Interview with Mogens Link Schmidt

Best practice Søstrene Grene: recipe for success of an international retail brand

7 May 2024

Continuity, creativity and Scandinavian charm - the cornerstones of Søstrene Grene's success. In this interview with Mogens Link Schmidt, Director of the Danish retail chain, you will gain exclusive insights into the success story, from its humble beginnings to its global presence.

“Constant change is a driving force that allows us to constantly reinvent ourselves.“

Mogens Link Schmidt, Joint Venture Partner & Direktor, Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene serves as an inspiring example of best practice for companies that focus on sustainable growth and authenticity. In this interview, Mogens Link Schmidt explains how Søstrene Grene successfully conveys its Scandinavian values and welcoming atmosphere in all its stores. Through an innovative product range and a customer-centred corporate culture, the company has been able to expand its growth internationally while winning the hearts of its customers.


  • Adaptation to cultural differences Søstrene Grene adapts to the cultural differences of the markets and strives to touch the hearts of its customers, regardless of the cultural differences of the various markets.

  • Create experiences The company not only creates products, but also experiences that bring people together and enable shared creative moments.

  • Flexibility and innovation Constantly changing the product range and adapting to seasonal needs demonstrates Søstrene Grene's flexibility and innovation to stay relevant.

Expert information

Mogens Link Schmidt has been a joint venture partner and director at Søstrene Grene since 2016 and is responsible for business in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.