Annetta Palmisano

Lecture on the Christmasworld Trends 24+

14 Feb 2024

In her presentation, trend expert Annetta Palmisano delves into the upcoming trends in colors, shapes, materials, and designs for Christmas decoration. The three exciting trend worlds of Christmasworld Trends 24+ fuse natural elements with futuristic innovations, unconventional designs with traditional craftsmanship, and modern aesthetics. Sustainability and digitalization take center stage, shaping these trend worlds.

Annetta Palmisano gives a lecture on Christmasworld Trends 24+

Whether visionary, familiar or more artisanal – the three styles of the Christmasworld Trends 24+ show inspiring designs for atmospheric and festive decorations. They also whet the appetite for the festival of love and for celebrations where people like to get together. In the lecture you will learn more about the three styles.

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