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Interview with Stefan Nilsson

Future trends in retail: emotions as key to success

16 May 2024

Heart over mind - emotions sell better. Trend expert Stefan Nilsson shares his insights into the future of retail and how companies can use unconventional approaches to build emotional connections with their customers.

“I think that we will see things that are unique and different, and that's enormously important.”

Stefan Nilsson, alias "Trendstefan", Trendforscher

In an interview with Sweden's best-known trend analyst, four main trends in retail are highlighted: Customer loyalty, interaction opportunities, recycling and nostalgia. Stefan Nilsson emphasises the importance of emotions and personal experiences in retail and provides insights into unconventional strategies to inspire and retain customers. From the importance of a friendly smile to the promotion of nostalgic memories, this interview offers valuable inspiration for the future of retail.


  • Build emotional connections A friendly smile and active customer interaction can create a positive shopping experience and encourage customer loyalty.

  • Sustainability and recycling By repairing and recycling, retailers can not only contribute to the environment, but also increase their customers' awareness of sustainable practices.

  • Nostalgia as a super megatrend The integration of nostalgic and vintage elements can create an inviting and familiar shopping environment that attracts and retains customers.

Expert information

Stefan Nilsson, also known as Trendstefan, is one of the most influential design personalities in the Scandinavian region. He writes regularly for magazines and is frequently quoted on television and radio programmes. In addition to his writing and media work, the trend expert also runs a gallery space in Stockholm called Designgalleriet.