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Interview with Katelijn Quartiier

Future Retail Design: Rethinking the Shopping Experience

19 Mar 2024

Retail design is often seen as part of a retailer's marketing efforts. But is that really the case? And what ultimately ensures that a shop layout not only functions but also succeeds? In an interview with Katelijn Quartier, an expert in retail design, you'll discover why store design goes far beyond the realm of marketing and plays a crucial role in modern retail.

“In the future, there will be a clear distinction between goal-oriented stores and those focusing on experiences. Retailers will have to decide whether they want to be hyper-efficient or experience-oriented.”

Katelijn Quartiier

The store design significantly impacts customers by influencing both their emotions and purchasing behavior. Through deliberate design, specific emotions can be evoked - be it through colors, sounds, or scents. Additionally, the design directs the flow of customers and guides their movements in the store. It is important to communicate the store's DNA and create an inviting atmosphere that provides consumers with a pleasant shopping experience.


  • A successful store design should convey the identity and values of the brand to establish an emotional connection with customers.
  • By strategically placing products and attractions in the store, customer flow can be directed and the shopping experience optimized.
  • Incorporating plants and sustainable materials reduces customers' stress levels and enhances their mood.

Expert information

Prof. Dr. Katelijn Quartier is a professor of Retail Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Hasselt University in Belgium. With a passion for retail design, she also is the academic director and founder of the Retail Design Lab knowledge institution, which primarily revolves around investigating what the store of tomorrow should and could look like, and the pivotal role that design and spatial cues play in shaping it. Starting from scientific insights, she provides valuable guidance to retailers, optimizing the overall store experience and contributing to more experience-based retail environments.