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A starting point for sustainable product ranges

5 Jan 2022

Mimi Sewalski says sustainability should bring us pleasure. She’s an expert in this area and has written a book about how we can live more sustainably day-to-day. Mimi has now been Managing Director of Avocadostore for 10 years: it’s Germany’s biggest online shop for green products.

We talked to her about why sustainability is so important, where to start, how you even know a product is sustainable, and why communication is often all-important in this area.

If you’re a retailer and want to add green products to your range, have a listen to find out more.


  • Figures on the success of green product ranges in retail
  • Criteria for sustainable products
  • Tips on expanding your ranges

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Mimi Sewalski

Mimi Sewalski studied sociology and criminology. She began building up Avocadostore ten years ago as an online marketplace selling only green products. She’s also written a book titled “Nachhaltig leben jetzt” (Sustainable living now). As a sustainability expert, Mimi’s a member of the special interest jury at Ambiente, Christmasworld, Paperworld and Creativeworld selecting exhibitors’ products for their sustainable merits.