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Insider knowledge from the world of retail, interviews with experts and industry know-how are all to be found on the podcast of Conzoom Solutions, the practically oriented Messe Frankfurt platform specifically for the retail sector. From high street retailers to online shops and multichannel providers – everyone has to deal with the challenges of the consumer goods market. Conzoom Solutions offers a new episode with stimulating ideas and suggestions for managing business in a more targeted manner and provides answers to urgent questions affecting the retail sector.

Each episode lasts 10 minutes on average, which means you can listen to them on your smartphone on the way to work or between appointments.

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Livestream Shopping – Opportunities and Potential

Livestream shopping – integral to retail’s future? Listen to retail expert Frank Rehme’s views on the subject in this podcast episode. It’s a well-known fact that for retailers to be successful today they must focus on consumer experience – and livestream shopping can be a very effective means of enhancing this.

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What can retailers learn from natural ecosystems?

Nature is smart. Nature knows how to regulate itself: it’s based on balanced, regenerative circular ecosystems. What can retailers learn from these?

Trend and consumer expert Anja Bisgaard Gaede sees things from the retailer’s perspective in our podcast, as she discusses nature with Anil Öt from the Heimtextil communications team.

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A starting point for sustainable product ranges

Mimi Sewalski says sustainability should bring us pleasure. She’s an expert in this area and has written a book about how we can live more sustainably day-to-day. Mimi has now been Managing Director of Avocadostore for 10 years: it’s Germany’s biggest online shop for green products.

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New start for face-to-face meetings

Julia Uherek
Julia Uherek, Vice President Consumer Goods Fairs

New digital opportunities, hybrid concepts and ideas to make business meetings happen again both on-site and digitally are some exciting aspects of the interview with Julia Uherek.

In the conversation with the trade magazine OPI, the Vice President Consumer Goods Fairs also talks about how the trade shows have been affected by the Covid19 pandemic and what opportunities and innovations have resulted from it. In addition, she talks specifically about the themes and content of the upcoming Paperworld and current issues such as home office solutions and modern workplaces.

Get an insight behind the scenes of Messe Frankfurt in the podcast and find out news about the consumer goods fairs and the current plans for Paperworld 2022.

Retail concepts in times of structural change

Boris Hedde, CEO of IFH Cologne, on how to confront changes in the retail world.

Urban art experience marketing

The theories of Laura Wolf (Marketing Molotow) concerning the use in the retail sector for art and craft supplies.

From ‘glory’ to ‘joy’ – the effect of lighting installations in the retail sector

The author Dr Christian Mikunda on the emotional value of light at the point of sale.

Creativeworld Trends 2020/21

For the 2020/21 trends, we’ll be highlighting the developmental process. There are no barriers to finding new ideas when working intensively with different materials and techniques.