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Erdmann Kilian

Director Press Consumer Goods Fairs

Erdmann Kilian

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Conzoom Solutions is Messe Frankfurt’s practically oriented platform specifically for the retail sector and has been online since June 2019. It offers an overview of consumer goods fairs, know-how, e-learning content and ideas for point of sale. The aim is to support the retail trade using Messe Frankfurt’s expertise in this sector. In addition to Messe Frankfurt’s own areas of focus, other content is provided by external partnerships with e.g. trade associations and experts.

The articles on the platform are aimed at the retail trade – primarily in the German-speaking market. However, many articles are also available in English. The offering is directed at high-street retailers and at online retailers looking to put together their product mix. These may be visitors and buyers at the fairs or retailers who have not attended the fairs.


Conzoom Solutions provides a variety of practically oriented resources for the retail sector.

Expertly curated Trends from the world of consumer good are located under Trends & Implementation.

Management & Publications collects informative studies on markets, value change and consumer behaviour.

Marketing & Sales contains lectures and interviews by and with retail experts, with tips concerning the digitisation of retail and guide lines on the expansion of online visibility and the optimisation of customer communication.

Inspiration on the presentation of goods can be found under Point of Sale, as well as workshops for the purpose of product demonstration and information on in-store services.

Trade Fairs & Events provides an overview on the international trade fairs of Messe Frankfurt.

Information on Messe Frankfurt's digital order platform for the home & living sector is found under nmedia.hub.

Press gathers all press information on Conzoom Solutions and the trade fairs.

Press releases from the consumer goods fairs