Podcast Anja Bisgaard Gaede

What can retailers learn from natural ecosystems?

6 Apr 2022

Nature is smart. Nature knows how to regulate itself: it’s based on balanced, regenerative circular ecosystems. What can retailers learn from these?

Trend and consumer expert Anja Bisgaard Gaede sees things from the retailer’s perspective in our podcast, as she discusses nature with Anil Öt from the Heimtextil communications team. Using the Heimtextil Trend Deep Nature as a starting point, she gives practical tips and explains

  • the benefits of using monomaterials and low-tech solutions.
  • how natural dyes can be used, even in the high-volume sector.
  • why it’s vital for retailers to keep expanding their knowledge about textile composition.

Have a listen and find out more about the highlights you can expect between 21 and 24 June 2022 in our trend area at our one-off summer special: Heimtextil, the international trade fair for home and contract textiles.


  • The benefits of monomaterials
  • Low-tech home textile solutions
  • The status quo: how natural dyes are used in the industry

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Heimtextil Trends 22/23

Heimtextil Trends 22/23

Trend themes offer retailers and interior designers a handy way to find a focus for their offerings. For Heimtextil Trends 22/23, the team from Danish lifestyle agency SPOTT has distilled the latest essential developments and movements in society and poured them into four trend themes – the ‘Next Horizons’: Deep Nature, Hyper Nature, Beyond Identity and Empowered Identity. These trend themes give retailers a way to appeal successfully to a wide variety of target groups.

A single message comes to the fore: it’s high time for a rethink, to complete our move toward sustainability. What does that mean for retailers in practical terms? Their product ranges should align with long-term, circular thinking – in the way they’re planned, manufactured and brought back into circulation.

The four trend worlds and their target groups:

Deep Nature

Deep Nature stands for a return to our natural state. The materials and dyes used are from natural sources. They are extracted, worked and reused in circular processes.

Deep Nature consumers value our world, its wellbeing and our connections with it – and they express this through their actions and conscious commitment.

Deep Nature

Hyper Nature

Reinterpreting nature through technology and breaking down barriers to create fascinating new worlds: that’s the essence of Hyper Nature.

Vivid colours and advanced forms of visual expression mean this trend reaches out to a young, digitally savvy target group.

Hyper Nature

Beyond Identity

An optimistic look to the future, where the new normal is an identity in constant flux. That’s the Beyond Identity trend. The colours create a pleasant, soft pastel look for interior designs. This underlines that sustainability need not mean muted, earthy hues.

Beyond Identity speaks to a younger generation that cares about society and stands up to make the world a better place.

Beyond Identity

Empowered Identity

The Empowered Identity trend aims to achieve sustainable cultural transformation. Tradition gains new life as it is reworked, and old materials are repurposed – they gain a modern touch without losing their history.

Empowered Identity consumers like to experiment and love extrovert forms of expression. They are driven by curiosity and a personal need to try new things and discover unique items.

Empowered Identity

Anja Bisgaard Gaede

Anja Bisgaard Gaede sits on the Heimtextil Trend Council, is curating Heimtextil Trends 22/23 and founded SPOTT trends & business. This expert trend forecaster and consumer behaviouralist supplies lifestyle brands with sound customer insights, predicting new trends and colours so businesses can develop in precisely the right direction. Besides providing talks and consultancy, developing products and running strategy workshops, Anja Bisgaard Gaede has also written a book on creating good customer chemistry in retail (available in Danish: Skab god kemi med dine kunder – oplevelsesøkonomi i detailhandlen).