Digital Academy

Episode 2: Future Retail - Focus on China

17 Jul 2023

What will be in demand in the future? And via which channels will the retail of tomorrow take place? The Digital Academy provides insights into the future of retail and takes a look at China. Beryl Hsu, Editor-in-Chief of AD China, and Wayne Xiang, founder of United Home and Likuai Lifestyle Stores in China, provide insights into a market of the future. You couldn’t make it for the online event? Or you would like to listen in again? Feel free to tune in here – the recordings are free of charge.

Home & Art of Living in the East: Beryl Hsu, Chefredakteurin AD China

Beryl Hsu virtually opens the doors to selected private flats and houses in China for the Digital Academy. By examples of contemporary interior design, she shows how Western consumer brands can complement Chinese lifestyle in order to create a harmonious style with a very own, unique signature. The editor-in-chief of AD China is considered a tastemaker in the Chinese market and the authority par excellence when it comes to good taste. She joined AD China in 2013, later founded AD Casa and has since then curated annual exhibitions on architecture, design, contemporary art and lifestyle.

"Consumers no longer only pay attention to functionality – the emotional value and the story behind furniture become more and more important. Many different styles are mixed and influences from East and West meet. Vintage furniture are very popular in China. At the same time, smart homes and invisible technologies are an important trend."

Beryl Hsu, Editor in Chief, AD China

Next Generation of Retail in China: Wayne Xiang, United Home und Likuai

Chinese entrepreneur and market expert Wayne Xiang casts a light on the development of retail channels and the market for household goods in China. His company United Home is the leading importer of household products in the domestic market and the first company to import European household products to China since 1997. With his company Likuai, which has 320 shops in 65 cities, Xiang has established the largest chain of shops in China that exclusively sells high-quality imported household products. Xiang has thus already enabled more than 100 European consumer goods brands to enter the Chinese market. As part of the Digital Academy, the entrepreneur shows internationally relevant changes in retail trends and takes a look at both online and stationary retail. How can European household goods brands gain a foothold in the Chinese market? This is what Xiang now explores in episode 2 of the Digital Academy. The expert anticipates developments and shares his experiences with the participants of the online event.

"In two to three years, around 30 per cent of all sales will be made via social media. The technologies behind it are developing rapidly in China. Social media is the retail channel of the future. Anyone can set up their own virtual shop."

Wayne Xiang, United Home und Likuai Lifestyle Stores

Save the date: 6 September 2023

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