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Interview with Angelika Niestrath

Ms. Paper & Friends: Presenting like a concept store

15 Aug 2023

Surprise and inspiration, special discoveries, interesting encounters, authentic shopping experiences – that’s the aim of Angelika Niestrath's concept store "Ms. Paper & Friends" at Ambiente. Whether books and stationery, fashion, jewellery and accessories, vintage furniture and decorative objects – in her special presentation the curator combines the most diverse assortments in an imaginative and playful way.

In the interview, Angelika Niestrath explains how she creates unique offers in her store and how she captivates customers with her original products presentations. For Ambiente 2024, the curator is planning an exciting concept for her special show "Ms. Paper & Friends" again.

"A shop must remain flexible and changeable. [...] The unusual combination is the most important. Breaking the rule is the rule and the surprise is the salt in the soup. Offering what customers don't expect – that’s what it's all about. This also applies to colour: unusual combinations are surprising and often appear harmonious, despite of popping, bright colours”


  • Create an overall concept from different assortments that incorporates the products and the design of the store.
  • Create haptic and emotional experiences in which products, colours and materials refer to each other.
  • Flexible, mobile and modern shop design in combination with characteristic vintage furniture with history.

Expert info

As a trained bookseller, Angelika Niestrath worked for various book publishers. In 2006, she founded the Nonbookareal at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which she still manages today. From 2013 to 2020, she designed the special show Mr.Books & Mrs.Paper at the Frankfurt Paperworld – an innovative staging concept for books, stationery and writing materials. Since 2023, she has continued the project with the name "Ms. Paper & Friends" for an expanded target group at Ambiente. In her virtual showroom, she guides visitors through the special presentation.

Showroom of the special show Ms. Paper & Friends