Digital Academy

Episode 1: Sustainability as a competitive advantage

5 Jun 2023

What can manufacturers and retailers do to position themselves successfully for sustainability and to be successful in the long term? Answers to these questions were provided in the first episode of the new Digital Academy of consumer goods fairs. Two experts had a closer look at sustainability as a success factor from different perspectives. Couldn’t you make it for the event? Or would you like to listen in again? The recordings are available here free of charge.

Sustainability as a Success Factor: 360 Degree Strategies for Design, Production, Sales and Recycling: Professor Anabel Ternès von Hattburg, futurologist

More than half of all consumers are now prepared to spend more money on a credibly sustainable product. In her lecture, the expert explores the question of how companies can successfully move into the future with sustainability. In doing so, Ternès von Hattburg elucidates some practical aspects and shows how you can convincingly position yourself in a sustainable way and thus be successful in the long term. Using inspiring examples, she provides you with hands-on suggestions and shows feasible approaches to solutions.

"Sustainability is a parameter that you have to take into consideration in the long term", the expert emphasised. "The topic is here to stay."

Anabel Ternès von Hattburg

Flourish or Flounder: How Purpose and Sustainability Put Consumer Brands Centre Stage: Cornelia Kunze, brand strategist and communicator

Cornelia Kunze takes a closer look at the connection between brands and sustainability: Do customers care about sustainability at all? Using established consumer goods brands as examples, she explained how they live up to the principle of sustainability, communicate this credibly and thus convince customers to ultimately make a decision to buy. Learn more about this in her presentation.  

"When is the best time to start? The time is now! In social media, even small companies can reach their target group with their very own convincing approach to the topic of sustainability - and bind them!"

Cornelia Kunze