To understand Millennials – today’s and tomorrow’s customer

Before you can reach your customers you have to understand them. With Millennials, this means recognising how they differ from Generation X and baby boomers. Sustainability, experience at the Point of Sale and digital mobility are of a much greater importance to the young generations than to those who came before. And also keep in mind that brand loyalty is a thing of the past – if Millennials, decisive as they are, feel their needs are being neglected, they’ll head straight to the competition.


  • Mobile First: Consider digital agility.
  • Frictionlessness: Enable a smooth customer journey.
  • Experience: Provide customer immersion.
  • Sustainability: Be responsible and cater to a green mindset.

Dr. Steffi Burkhart

With the future of work and societal change, Dr Steffi Burkhart has made two subjects of growing relevance the center of her studies. Being a member of Generation Y herself, she campaigns for the hopes and needs of Millennials at more than 120 events a year.