Christmasworld and Paperworld Trends 2021/22

Together: one word, many dimensions. Standing in solidarity. Dealing with crises. Developing perspectives. "Together" marks a new era of Christmasworld and Paperworld trends, whose product and style worlds are increasingly converging in global consumer trends. The logical consequence is three joint trend statements: „contemplative approach“, „heirloom feelings“ and „spirited response“. Modern life and work concepts are increasingly blurring the classic boundaries of sectors and product worlds. Instead of pursuing an on-trend lifestyle, people are increasingly turning to sustainability and general mindfulness. These attitudes permeate both our private and professional spheres – from living room to home office, from favourite coffee to contemporary office landscape, from intimate retreat to shared festive moments throughout the year. Light and clear, an in-depth presentation opens up the themes, colors, materials, inspirations and styles of the coming season to you. The most important questions were answered in the following Q&A.

contemplative approach – focuses on nature

In this original and tactile style world, we discover nature everywhere as a source of inspiration. The material itself becomes the focus of the design. Renewable materials, such as cork, bark, jute, grass and wood together with metal, marble and stone, characterise the unpretentious look. Dark juniper berry, acid green, fawn brown, red beech, dull green, moss, basalt green and a warm, light stone tone. The colour palette underlines the restrained mood and the tactile materials.

heirloom feelings – reflects on poetry and gracefulness

A new sense of nostalgia finds its way into the design here. In addition to its graceful and poetic nature, it also opens up optimistic vistas. We discover artistic, playful and more functional interpretations in delicate colours. Cheerful, lively floral designs are characteristic of the sensual elegance of this young style. Blossoms, scattered flowers, millefleurs and tendrils spring up alongside frills, small graphic designs and tie and checkerboard patterns. The emotive colour range of this romantic trend strings together sensitive, optimistic tones. The spectrum ranges from velvety hare-grey, delicate lime green, cloudy white and dark topaz to a romantic shade of pink, light almond, red tones and soft, airy sky blue. The materials reflect the subtle nature of the trend with porcelain, glass, high-quality paper, handmade objects and surprising new interpretations of traditional crafts.

spirited response – inspires with sustainable solutions

Not a trend, but a necessity. In this style world we experience sustainability as inspiration. It presents us with attractive alternatives and unconventional solutions that emphasise zero waste, a closed-loop economy, upcycling, recycling and renewable materials. The colour palette combines strong tones with random mixes, created by various recycling processes. Paper waste is turned into papier-mâché, and old fabrics are transformed into creative materials for new objects. Contrasting pieces of recycled wood combine to form striking eye-catchers, and left-over flowers are used to create unusual papers and gift packaging. The colours provide a positive energy and range from intense sea green, fiery red, faded rose and a milky caramel brown to ultraviolet, Bristol blue, bright flamingo orange and corn yellow.

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

The designers Cem Bora, Claudia Herke and Annetta Palmisano from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano analyze international trends in fashion and art, interior and lifestyle. In the trend show and in the trend brochure, they visualize the styles of the coming season clearly and in line with the market.