Digital Pre-Event: Sanjay Sauldie

Sanjay Sauldie inspires with his expertise on the topic of "Consumption 4.0: Surviving the "Never Normal" and Shaping the "Always Different". Sauldie is Director of the European Internet Marketing Institute EIMIA and one of the most sought-after European experts on the topics of digitalisation in companies and society.

"We need to recognise that "Never Normal" will now be the new routine for humanity until we break it down and move from being passive victims to active contributors with an "Always Different" mindset," says Sauldie. What the consumer goods industry can do today to develop new opportunities from this routine will be highlighted in this lecture and a master plan presented on how companies need to transform to best adapt to the new changes.

Sanjay Sauldie "Consumption 4.0: Surviving the "Never normal" and shaping the "Always Different“