Nextrade further expands service for customers

The desire for a simple and centralised (re-)order platform for products of the top brands has been growing in recent years. The digital platform Nextrade is therefore further expanding its service with immediate effect and placing efficient (re-)ordering in its business focus.

Claus Tormöhlen, Head of Brandmanagement nmedia (Nextrade)
Claus Tormöhlen, Head of Brandmanagement nmedia (Nextrade)

In future, you as a trader will be able to view all relevant information on orders on the newly created Nextrade homepage (dashboard) and have a direct overview of your shopping baskets.     

What are the concrete advantages for you? We asked Claus Tormöhlen, Head of Brand Management nmedia (Nextrade), to briefly outline them for us.

For traders and buyers, efficiency in purchasing goods is the top priority. Ordering should be uncomplicated and transparent. How does Nextrade manage to further increase this efficiency?

Since its foundation three years ago, Nextrade has become the standard in the industry. More than 400 brands enable more than 15,000 retailers to order digitally via Nextrade and to obtain up-to-date product and image data. The constant exchange with industry and trade helps us to develop the right solutions. We can now offer an even more efficient platform for all retail partners.

After numerous discussions with the industry, Nextrade has made it its task to further facilitate the handling of article data for industry and trade. To this end, we have made important adjustments to our platform in line with the needs of retailers. Now that trade fairs can finally take place in the presence of the trade again, leading trade fairs such as Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld offer an overview of new products and trends, the haptic experience, personal exchange and serve to attract new customers.
With Nextrade, we are taking a different approach. Here, the focus is no longer on the experience, but on efficiency. From our point of view, this includes assortment management for existing customers, the creation of efficient processes and perfectly maintained data. As part of our comprehensive relaunch, Nextrade will focus on (re)ordering in the future. In the course of this, the user interface has been completely adapted and we are focusing on a stronger separation between the practical ordering system and pure product inspiration.

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What are the advantages of focusing on (re-)ordering for traders?

The traders registered on Nextrade now have the opportunity to view their latest orders and open shopping baskets with just a few clicks directly on the homepage, orders already placed can now be easily reordered and the top 5 brands of the traders are displayed. So nothing stands in the way of an efficient and simple (re-) order.

In addition, retailers can continue to be inspired. There is a special area for this, which can be found in the navigation under "Inspiration". Here, the brands show promotions and new products from their range and there is the "Shop of the Month". This means that retailers can experience the brand worlds 365 days a year and use them for their individual experience factor.

Will the proven Nextrade solutions such as dropshipping or the showrooms continue to exist?

In addition to the new order efficiency, the consumer goods industry can still benefit from all known and proven digital Nextrade solutions. For example, the showroom function, image and item master data are still available centrally via Nextrade in a standard format. Dealers can also continue to use the dropshipping shops and send products directly from the brand's warehouse. This means that traders do not have to maintain additional storage space, because the brands take care of the shipping.

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