Creative initiatives at the POS, tip no. 2/3

Art with a WOW factor to marvel at and do yourself - Casting “floating mugs” with Stefanie Etter

9 Oct 2023

With colourful resins, it is easy and quick to make art that makes the viewer marvel and smile. At the Creative Academy, Stefanie Etter shows how it's done.

Anything but ordinary: the colourful, shiny objects that Stefanie Etter creates with the help of quick-drying epoxy resin always evoke amazement. In the Creative Academy workshop, the artist and trained art therapist Stefanie Etter takes you on a journey into her world of structural and resin art. The result: objects with a wow factor - a great gift idea!

Stefanie Etter is an artist and art lecturer. She discovered resin for herself several years ago and was fascinated. She uses the material to refine works of art and also as an independent medium.