Interview with Stefan Suchanek

Neuroaesthetics – Humanity and well-being as an economic strategy at the POS

4 Apr 2023

In this captivating interview with designer, business psychologist and neuroaesthetics expert Stefan Suchanek, the discussion centers around how the design of a space influences purchasing decisions and the potential for customer loyalty on a psychological level.

Business psychology examines, among other things, how visual impressions affect behavior and emotions. Nowadays, shoppers are looking for experiences and atmospheres while shopping. For this reason, the knowledge of business psychology is highly valued and can generate future business success. Atmospheric factors such as lighting, textures, sound, and movement have an impact on our well-being, with our subliminal made decisions (heuristics) playing a significant role. Mr. Suchanek also emphasizes that amazement is an indicator for aesthetics, ambiance, and atmosphere.


  • Through digitalization, products are nowadays available 24/7, which leads to wellbeing and buyers experience increasingly becoming the main decision making factor.
  • The atmosphere in a room influences customer behavior.
  • Business psychology enhances business success by understanding customer behavior and stimulus processing.

Expert Biographie:

Stefan Suchanek founded Raumkunst, an agency for awareness of form and impact, and is currently its CEO. As an expert in human-centered design, business psychology, and neuroaesthetics, he advises companies on behavioral economics, impression management, and charismatic leadership. In addition, he works as a speaker and moderator on these topics. His company is based in Munich.