Interview with Daniel Schnödt

Fascinating world of retail: The secrets behind successful concepts

5 Sep 2023

What distinguishes a concept store? What is the structure of a concept store based on? What do steak and popcorn have to do with the product range of a concept store? And which trends absolutely belong together in a concept store? Daniel Schnödt answers these and other questions in the interview. Above all, he discusses how additional assortments can increase turnover.

"The element of surprise is achieved when you combine areas of life that don’t fit in at the first moment. [...] I have to offer the customer reasons to come to me, to stay with me and to talk about me. Then I have actually achieved everything I want to achieve."

Daniel Schnödt explains in an interview what lies behind the "Stores of the Year" award and the role of the new category "Concept Store". A concept store is characterised by individualisation and digitalisation: Digital data rooms and assortment areas that cover different sectors are in the focus. Above all, the target group is the secret behind success: for the development of a concept store, it is important to know the community precisely, because owners have to use it as a basis for curating their assortments with valuable know-how. These go far beyond classic needs and cover different areas of life that are imaginatively connected: Apparently incongruous, unusual combinations make the concept store exciting. Schnödt reveals why classic KPIs must be adapted for future market developments, why digitalisation is driving the development of concept stores and how free space can be used profitably.


  • The secrets of a successful concept store are the target group, the owners and the know-how with which they curate products and put together targeted assortments.
  • Additional assortments are important and can generate additional sales.
  • The trends of individualisation and digitalisation belong together in a concept store.

Expert information

Daniel Schnödt has been active in the retail sector for many years with his consulting TeamScio.The agency develops solutions for retailers and their suppliers - from pos design, multi-sensual marketing in store and shop design to holistic marketing concepts and long-term corporate strategies. He is a cooperation partner as well as a jury member for "Store of the Year" at the HDE and teaches at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University. His shop concepts have already won several prizes, such as the International Merchandising Award or the Retail Innovation Award. Schnödt is also active as a book author and speaker at trade congresses. Since 2018, he has been realising a successful networking stage with his top-class Trendforum-Retail and closing the digital gap between shopfitting, architecture and retail.