Longing for the beautiful, the true and the good

Christmasworld Trends 23+

16 Mar 2023

The desire for the beautiful, the true and the good continues at Christmasworld Trends 23+. However, with a much stronger focus on sustainability and new creations resulting from a mix of traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques.

Annetta Palmisano

"Moments of joy are precious. Good design that knows heritage and the future helps us celebrate them even more beautifully. Many things now come across more quietly than before, quite deliberately: valuable impetus instead of a quickly fading show. A new start is evident, triggered by the experience of the past years. More than ever before, the focus is on sustainability: material research and digital innovations hold new aesthetic solutions in store," summarises Annetta Palmisano from the trend bureau bora.herke.palmisano.

unknown beauty_strange + gracious … focuses on the unexpected, the surprising

Unexpected decorations and unfamiliar forms are in the spotlight. Situational patterns, environmental reflections and the play of light and shadow create remarkable visual effects. Often the surfaces are metallised, pearlescent or the objects show iridescent mirror surfaces, engravings and flowing colour effects . Ambient reflections become a supporting element of the design. The idea of incorporating the passing moment into the design creates further situational dimensions. It becomes exciting when craftsmanship and digital innovations converge. For example, 3D models for candlesticks are developed in the studio and digitally printed in a ceramic factory. In the colour range, extravagant colours such as azure blue, peach, magenta or wine red alternate with lovely, soft nuances in sky, lemon, grey and silver.

Christmasworld Trends 2023+: unknown beauty_strange + gracious

calming nature_careful + pleasant … stands for calm vitality and a nature-loving minimalism

The designs show a vivid connection to nature and revolve around life cycles and transience. With creativity and sustainable thinking, they increasingly dissolve the boundaries of art, craft, and technology. Plant and geological designs, for example of rocks, minerals and rough stones are typical here.

Sometimes natural stone is used as a material, sometimes its grains, colouring and oxidation phenomena serve as inspiration for patterns, motifs and surfaces. Rough and porous materials are often matched by immaculately smooth and gentle surfaces. In addition, plain cardboard and uncoated paper emphasise minimalist, seasonal ornaments.

The colour palette begins with three cooler shades - inspired by lichen, mountain lake and raw malachite. This is followed by neutral gradations from white sand to stone grey and dark rock. Three warm tones such as moss, a woody rose tone and a mild rosé nuance complete the natural colour harmony.

Christmasworld Trends 2023+: calming nature_careful + pleasant

lasting ideas_passionate + evocative … the decorations make a clear design statement

Designs with a striking character and geometry as well as concrete forms determine the image. Craftsmanship, a great manufacturing heritage and industrial know-how come here together.

Geometric shapes such as circular discs, cones and squares complement the typical sphere as Christmas ornaments. For the surfaces, marble grains and wood structures as well as moirée effects are graphically implemented. With grid, line and relief structures, glass spheres become year-round decoration. The principle of monocolour and at the same time stripes, from clear-elegant to flowing-subtle, are important design tools.

Intense colourings refine the objects. Petrol and blue nuances dominate the cool series, while orange-red, violet and ochre set warm colour accents. In between, the neutral, metallic tones of pewter, iron and bronze-grey mediate.

Christmasworld Trends 2023+: lasting ideas_passionate + evocative